Skechers Shoes Discount, 361 Degrees Mens Sensation 3 High Performance Stability Lightweight Running Shoe, Sleet/Ebony





PERFORMANCE SNEAKER Featuring a breathable air mesh upper with open toe box design, a Pressure Free Tongue thats designed to provide comfort and avoid irritation, and a durable, high-abrasion outsole for the best traction and shock dispersion.

OPTIMAL SUPPORT FITZ-RITE midfoot provides soft internal webbing to hold the foot secure, while the strong QUIK SPINE carbon fiber plate adds integrity to the midfoot.

QUIK COMFORT INSOLE Designed using proprietary foam materials, the insole is molded to provide immediate step-in comfort to increase cushioning while in motion.

QUIK FLEX 4FOOT ENGINEERING Developed to address the natural movement of the metatarsals in the foot. This technology provides a natural, balanced toe-off and enhanced traction and acceleration.

QUIKFOAM CUSHIONING An EVA rubber-blend midsole designed to provide a combination of cushioning and response to maintain a high level of energy return through the life of the sneaker.

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