Breathable Practice Jazz Shoes Soft-Soled Leather Dance Shoes,Shoes To Wear With Dresses



100% Leather

Cheapdancing Please refer to the left size table, and select the corresponding size according to your feet length. Our shoes are made of environmentally friendly materials, please feel rest assured for wearing. Its normal for new leather shoes to have a little pungent smell, but the smell will disappear naturally after one or two days ventilation.

Cheapdancing Super soft cotton lining are breathable, while Neoprene insoles hugs every curve of the arch.

Cheapdancing Premium leather with strong elasticity and durability, while provide best support for your feet.

Cheapdancing The jazz shoes feature a lightweight leather upper, and a split rubber soft outsole for amazingly easy turns. You can release yourself while dancing.

Cheapdancing Maximum order quantity is 2 pair, if you need more, please place another order.

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